Monday, November 15, 2004

Persecuted for your own opinions?

Why is that when people do not agree with what you like or believe in, all
of a sudden you become an idiot in their eyes? So sue me because I grew up
watching wrestling and playing soccer. And on occasion I still tune in to
watch wrestling just to see if the ones I grew up watching are still
actively working. And yes I do still play soccer and consider it to be the
best sport on the planet. However, people that do not watch wrestling for
some reason feel the need to consider it, and those who watch it,
"retarded". Same goes for soccer. These people who have never attempted to
play it try to make it seem like such an awful sport. Forget the fact that
there are more countries playing soccer than there are playing football and
baseball combined. I just can not fathom why people in this world can not
let people around them enjoy their lives. Why do others around us
consistently criticize our way of life and the things we enjoy? Yes, you do
have freedom of speech. But excercise it differently and leave those around
you with different beliefs and joys alone. We do not criticize nor judge you
because you happen to listen to different music, or dress different, or
enjoy chick flicks even though youre a guy. All I am saying is, keep your
judgements to yourself.


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