Sunday, December 05, 2004

Works Sucks

In the infinite wisdom of corporate America, my employer has decided to cut labor dollars across the board. I work in a pool supply store and since it is winter time, not many people come in. It is understandable that without the customers, its hard to make money. But I also know that the mark up on everything in the store is horrendous. Not to mention that when summer hits, it more than makes up for the slow winter. At first, they cut it down to 60 hours per store. Fine, i split time between 2 stores because they dont want me leaving. Now, they say 5% labor per store. so that cuts me down to 24 hours, total per week. And yet they want me to stay so they can POSSIBLY promotoe me in February or March. I am thinking, you better guarantee me one hell of a pay raise if you plan on getting me to stick around. But do I see them doing that? No. Should I keep looking for better pay? Yes. It's funny though because since they are afraid to lose me, they cut other people's hour and risk losing them. Do I care? HELL NO. So the hunting goes and goes. Perhaps one day a career, and not a job, will present itself. Until then, griping and complaining shall suffice.


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