Thursday, February 17, 2005

Degree vs Life-experience

I started to write this entry about more dumb people. I was almost done with it when I realized that I was just repeating the last entry basically. Then this topic hit me. I was discussing the pros and cons of getting a degree in todays society with a good friend of mine. We both agree, that in today's marketplace, employers are searching more for experience than education. I have a friend, we'll call him "Jim", that has a degree and is having problems finding a decent job. Jim is a bit delusional. He believes that a degree guarantees him a job that pays 40k or more a year starting off. Granted, they are out there. He is struggling to find a job. Myself, having no degree, could find another job at the drop off a hat most of the time. Why, you ask? EXPERIENCE. Since leaving the army in 99, I have worked full time. I've started at the bottom, and worked my way up. That's life. I know that, Jim doesn't. Or he doesn't want to believe that. Either way, reality is setting in. My other friend and I both can name dozens of Directors, Regional VPs, and the like, without degrees. There are at least 3 higher-ups(VPs, etc) in a major video retailer with NO COLLEGE HOURS on their resume. Again, I tried explaing to Jim why this is so. Experience. I've gone over hundreds of resumes looking to hire people before. What's the first thing most employers look at? Experience. Why? Because they want to spend the least amount of money training someone as possible. For example. 2 men walk into an office for an interview. We'll say twin brothers just so there cant be any contention of race discrimination and such. One brother, Alex, just graduated from college with a degree in business, working his way through college as a waiter. The other, Bill, has spent the past 4 years working as an assistant in office. They are both applying for the same job. Alex, with his business degree, and Bill with his office experience. Which gets hired? Bill would get hired 99.9% of the time because they employer knows he won't have to train Bill 1/10th the amount that he will Alex. I'm sorry, but that's business. Training costs money. I just wish someone would help explain that to Jim. Or get him some medication for when he truly experiences the real world, cause he's gonna need it.

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